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“European Defence Standards Reference System (EDSTAR) containing references to “Best practice” standards and “standard-like” specifications. The “Best practice” standards are standards which have been selected by consensus by industry and governmental organisations to be the best applicable standards for defence purposes”. ASD-STAN is supporting this activity by updating the list of “Best practice” standards and – if necessary – provide new developed standards. See more on

EDA wants to conduct a survey within Europe in order to evaluate whether EDSTAR, the European Defence Standards Reference System, fulfills the expectations of the European Defence Community in terms of Best Practice Standards and Best Practice Recommendations, but also and more importantly to give the Community the opportunity to provide advices for improving the tool.   Therefore, ASD-STAN is pleased to provide you with two links : the first one will bring you to a short version of the survey ; the second one to a longer version, which includes more focused questions.

1/ Short version (2 min) :   

2/ Long version (10 min max) :   

On behalf of the European Defence Agency, ASD-STAN would like to kindly ask you to look into the survey and/or to forward the two aforementioned links to all stakeholders having potential connection or interests with EDSTAR. The survey will remain open until 2016-02-26.

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MoU between ASD and ASD-STAN

ASD and ASD-STAN signed a MoU on the 9th of December 2015 to promote harmonised standards development throughout the Aerospace & Defence Industry of Europe. This shall ensure a proper involvement of the European Aerospace & Defence Industry and its experts and an optimal use of the resources available. ASD intent to have a closer cooperation and is applying for a membership by ASD-STAN.

SX000i: International guide for the use of the S-Series Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) specifications-free download from the following website

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