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  • EASA will be running a 2nd workshop on Additive Manufacturing on September the 27th and 28th  2017 at EASA premises in Cologne.
    The EASA AM workshop II is primarily aimed at providing an update on aviation industries status on AM technology and as well the current technical and functional support of 3D-printing machine vendors to the aviation industry. Furthermore, EASA is currently developing a flexible agenda and welcomes identification of any additional themes (metallic or non-metallic) by industry and other potential participants for inclusion in this workshop. At this time, the likely themes will include the below listed points.
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  • NEW S1000D 4.2 released

Issue 4.2 of S1000D, International specification for technical publications using a common source database, is now available for download. S1000D specifies the production of technical publications and is used for defense systems (air, land and sea), civil aviation and other products. The specification is jointly produced by the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD), the Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIA) and the ATA e-Business Program.

Key highlights for Issue 4.2 include:

  • Applicability
    • Improvements on product attributes
    • Alignment with Bike examples
    • Data typing
    • Guidance for display
  • Business Rules
    • Introduction of BrDoc. A new Schema for capturing business rules
    • Improvements on readability
    • Added unique references to id’s in the default BREX
    • Referencing from BRDPs to the associated rule in the default BREX
    • Severity levels
  • Bike samples
    • Alignment with display guidance
    • Added support for BRDP
  • Graphics
    • Overhaul of guidance
    • Metadata for ICN (new Schema)
  • Enhancements to:
    • CIR
    • Schedules
    • References
  • General clean-up
  • And many more

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  • S1000D User Forum

To be held June 12-14, 2017 in Amsterdam. This is the industry’s premier event to learn about the latest developments in information exchange to support engineering, maintenance, materiel and flight operations, forming the most comprehensive event dedicated to information exchange standards and technologies in the global aerospace industry. This educational forum provides a high level overview of the ATA e-Business Program and S1000D and the many specifications and industry initiatives underway to facilitate effective and efficient information sharing between trading partners. In addition to learning about the industry’s most widely accepted e-business specifications (Spec 2000, S1000D, iSpec 2200, Spec 42, Spec 2300, Spec 2400 and Spec 2500), learn how the industry has attributed significant savings and operational efficiencies to the use of these global specifications.  Airlines, ministries of defence, manufacturers, lessors, distributors, repair agencies, suppliers, government agencies and solution providers are all welcome.

Why you should attend:

  • Meet the industry’s leading aviation e-business experts who can help guide you through the many options and solutions for digital data exchange.
  • Visit a bustling exhibit hall where you can review the industry’s latest software and hardware solutions.
  • Learn about the core enabling technologies upon which many e-business standards are built (XML, SGML, PKI, RFID, etc.)
  • Learn about emerging trends in information exchange technologies and their application in the aerospace industry.
  • Learn how you can get involved to help shape the future direction of the industry.

A prelimary agenda is now posted for your review. We hope you can join us in Amsterdam!

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IAQG would like all users to be aware of AS/EN/JISQ 9100:2016-series Quality Management Systems (QMS) deployment support material available on the public IAQG website at  The AS/EN/JISQ 9100:2016 deployment support material includes:

* *Training Slides*on Executive Overview


Key Changes,

<> and


<> presentations.

* *Correlation Matrix*

<> that relate the 2016 to the 2009 standard version and from the 2009 to the 2016 standard version.

* *Transition implementation*<> strategies that include a step-by-step guide towards implementing AS/EN/JISQ 9100:2016-series standards.

* *Transition gap assessment matrix*

<> is an Excel spreadsheet that companies can use for implementing AS/EN/JISQ 9100:2016-series standards.

Free webinars are being offered by the AS/EN/JISQ 9100:2016-series leadership team to help users understand the standard changes and intent.  It is recommended that organizations participate first in the 9100-series key changes presentation and then the clause-by-clause changes for additional details.  Please select the webinar link that fits best with your schedule and do not sign-up for multiple sessions of the same webinar.  The content will be the same and we would like many organizations to have an opportunity to attend.  After you register using the link below, you will receive an e-mail with instruction on how to participate.

9100D:2016 Key Changes (1 Hour) – Overview of quality management principles, key changes in ISO 9001 and AS/EN/JISQ 9100, and high level summary of changes.


* November 21: 1700-1800 Eastern Time o

* December 5: 1000-1100 Eastern Time o


9100D:2016 Clause-by-Clause Review (2 Hours) ? Clause-by-clause discussion of the key changes.


* November 21: 1100-1300 Eastern Time o

* November 22: 1500-1700 Paris Time o

* December 5:1300-1500 Eastern Time o

* December 19:  1000-1200 Eastern Time oURL:

Please Note: All certified organizations desiring to continue AS/EN/JISQ certification will be required to transition to this new standard.  Please also see OASIS communications sent on September 22 at the link below:

Training for 9100 in German language is offered by DIN. See the link below:

The 9100-Series Team

  • ASD/AIA S5000F issue 1.0 –International specification for in-service data feedback
    has been published and can be downloaded for free from the S5000F website
  • MoU between ASD and ASD-STAN

ASD and ASD-STAN signed a MoU on the 9th of December 2015 to promote harmonised standard development throughout the Aerospace & Defence Industry of Europe. This shall ensure a proper involvement of the European Aerospace & Defence Industry and its experts and an optimal use of the resources available. ASD became a member of ASD-STAN in 2016.

  • MoU between EUROCAE and ASD-STAN

EUROCAE and ASD-STAN signed a MoU on the 1st of September 2015 to support a harmonised standard development of the Aerospace & Defence Industry of Europe.

  • SX000i: International guide for the use of the S-Series Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) specifications-free download from the following website