S3000L - Logistic Support Analysis



With the introduction of new and complex technical products, a proper support system must be made available in a timely manner. This requires an extended analysis process to ensure consideration of logistic requirements during the design of the product and to support the establishment of a proper support system. The process includes a number of analysis activities concerning a wide range of technical/logistic considerations and the careful documentation of the results of these analysis activities. The achievement of proper supportability is of crucial importance concerning operation and life cycle costs. Early consideration of logistic aspects is increasingly important with regard to both operational and economic aspects. A product that cannot be operated and maintained properly and cost effectively is not acceptable to the operator.



The specification S3000L is designed to cover the activities and requirements governing the establishment of the LSA process.


   It provides rules for the establishment of the product system breakdown and for the selection of LSA candidate items to be analyzed in detail

   It describes type and methodology of performance of the specified analysis activities

   It gives guidelines on how to process the results of the analysis tasks and on how to achieve a cost-efficient support concept

   It covers the interface to the customer within the LSA process

   It covers the interface between the LSA process and the support engineering areas
(eg reliability, maintainability and testability)

   It covers the interface between the LSA process and the ILS disciplines, which provide the typical logistic ILS products:

-Personnel and training requirements

-Supply support

-Technical data services

-Special support and test equipment

-Facilities and infrastructure requirements

-IT support requirements


S3000L specification development history from 2006 to the present day

The development work was allocated in the year 2006 to an international team of experts working under the joint chairmanship of AIA and ASD representatives. The following companies and organizations contributed to the work:



United Kingdom

Airbus Deutschland



United States

Dassault Aviation




EADS Military Systems





United States



Saab AB



United Kingdom


The final draft of the specification S3000L (Issue 0.1) was officially published in June 2009 at ASD in Brussels. The main purpose of this publication was to enable experts from interested companies and organizations to provide comments on the first approach to the S3000L expert team. The commenting phase was officially closed by end of 2009. More than 20 experts from different nations contributed with their inputs to improve the final draft for the publication of the first official issue 1.0.



In June 2010, issue 1.0 of S3000L was released. With the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between ASD & AIA at the Farnborough Air Show in July 2010, the ASD/AIA ILS Council was formed and the ILS community implemented a new platform for harmonization and coordination of the different ILS specification activities. In November 2010 the kickoff of the S3000L Steering Committee (S3000L-SC) took place in Washington, the first official SC meeting will be in April 2011.

S3000L specification maintenance

An ongoing maintenance process for S3000L is required to ensure the continued development of future issues of the specification. As an initial approach, the maintenance process will be realized by providing a commenting template on this website.


Any questions or suggestions for improvement can be forwarded to the S3000L Steering Committee. For this purpose please download the Change Proposal template (also applicable for any request for clarification). A guide for the completion of this form can be downloaded here Change Proposal Instructions.



Please forward the completed template to the following European or US chairman of the ASD/AIA S3000L Steering Committee:




Peter Eichmueller

Bill Foreman







S3000L download

S3000L issue 1.0 can be downloaded using the link below.


S3000L Issue 1.0















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