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If you have some comments or remarks on the ASD-STAN prENs or ENs produced by ASD-STAN, please let us know by sending us an email to We will forward your comments to the Working Group in charge of this particular standard and make sure they will take into account your remarks for an eventual revision of the standard or any new proposal.

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ASD-STAN prENs are technically equal to the later EN publications by the CEN members. 

A Draft DIN EN is the first version of a final DIN EN and it is an official document, which can be bought and used by our customers/clients. It is based on the document delivered by ASD-STAN to CEN for Formal Vote. Similar to the ASD-STAN prEN publication, there are no technical changes between this version and the final DIN EN publication (only the change/editing change in German translation is possible). After the Formal Vote and the Draft DIN EN, the DIN EN is published, based on the approved version. Beuth publishes standards in two languages German and English. That is why it calls DIN (for German translation) EN (European Norm).

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9100 Quality Management Systems (QMS) series publication autumn 2016:

IAQG Free AS/EN/JISQ 9100:2016 QMS Deployment Support Material Available 

prEN 9100:2016 -QMS-
Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations

prEN 9101:2016 -QMS-
Audit Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organisations

prEN 9110:2016 -QMS-Requirements for Aviation Maintenance Organizations

prEN 9120:2016 -QMS-
Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defence Distributors

More information: 9120:2016-Support Materials and Webinars

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EN 4179
EN 9100

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