ASD-STAN is an association which establishes, develops and maintains standards on behalf of that European aerospace industry. ASD-STAN publishes and sells online its own standards-library documents and is a distributor for the independently produced SAE ITC E&A (former ADS standards) standards and ASD-STAN related DIN EN standards.

It is well recognised as the European body for the development of global quality aerospace standards by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG).

Over the years, ASD-STAN has established a lean and streamlined standardisation process for European aerospace standards in agreement with the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). However, reducing the lead-time for the standards development process in accordance with industry needs remains a constant goal of ASD-STAN.

ASD-STAN has published in total 2374 European Norms (EN) via the European Standardization Organization CEN and 782 Pre-Standard European Norms and Technical Reports (prEN & TR). Finally all ASD-STAN standards will be published by CEN as Europena Norms (EN).

In 2017 ASD-STAN published 72 new Projected European Norms (ASD-STAN prEN), in addition to transforming 123 prEN to European Norms (EN).

With 2374 ENs – which is 11% of the available EN-Standards in Europe – ASD-STAN is one of the major providers of European Norms. In addition 716 prENs and 66 Technical Reports are already published by ASD-STAN which will be transferred to European Norms in the near future. Currently there are 391 standard developments by around 720 involved experts of the European aerospace industry.

A standard presentation can be found HERE

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A broader description about ASD-STAN, its history, cooperation, areas of activties, etc. can be found in a dedicated Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASD_STAN ; French; German