Domain structure

ASD-STAN Technical Authority

Chairman: Bill Holler, Industrio
Telephone: +49 9181 29720 121

Member Coordinators:

GIFAS: Karim Benmeziane, BNAE
DIN e.V.: Achim Schaube, DIN NL
AIAD: Carmine Scafa, UNAVIA
ADS Group: Simon Merriman, BSI
AIRBUS SE.: Gilles Goujon, Airbus


ASD-STAN Domains:

Table of the Technical Organization with WGs list

Domain D01 Program Management and System Engineering

Domain D02 Electrical

Domain D03 Mechanical

Domain D04 Material (Metallic & Non-Metallic)

Domain D05 Autonomous Flying 

Domain D06 Quality and Safety Management

Domain D07 Digital Projects

Domain D08 Aeroengines & technologies

Domain D09 Environment

Domain D12 Cabin

NOTE: The contact details of each focal point can be obtained by contacting their organisation or the ASD-STAN Executive Managers ">Ms. Anja Lange  or ">Ms. Ariane Mazel