ASD-STAN prEN 3155-083 P2-CORRIGENDUM 2018-05-03

Aerospace series-Electrical contacts used in elements of connection-Part 083: Contact, electrical, female, type A, crimp, class S, size 8-Product standard

Form: prEN Registration Number: 3155-083 Edition: P2-CO 2018-05-03
Date of Publication: 30-May-2018 Number of pages: 11
Document Type: Product Standard Domain: Electrical
Scope: This standard specifies the required characteristics, tests and tooling applicable to female electrical
contacts, type A, crimp, class S, size 8, used in elements of connection according to EN 3155-002 (This
contact can be fitted in connectors EN 3645 and EN 4165).
It shall be used together with EN 3155-001.
The associated female contacts are defined in EN 3155-065.
The herein specified female contact shall be intermateable and compatible with the interface dimensions
of the standard EN 3155-065.
This standard cancels and supersedes the standard EN 3155-066.
Status: Published Replaced by:
Price (excl. VAT): €64.00
Normative References: EN 2083 EN 2591 EN 3155-001 EN 3155-002 EN 3155-065 EN 4165-001 EN 4434 EN-3645-001 ISO 8843 SAE-AS22520 SAE-AS22520/23 TR 4831 TR 4865