ASD-STAN prEN 4866 P1 Corrigendum 1

Aerospace series - Definitions of imperfections and defects in organic matrix composite materials

Form: prEN Registration Number: 4866 Edition: P1 Corrigendum 1
Date of Publication: 04-Sep-2018 Number of pages: 51
Document Type: Domain: Material
Scope: This standard provides a list of terms with their definitions illustrated by typical photographs, in order
to define a common vocabulary on the imperfections and damage that may occur during manufacture on organic matrix composite materials (which will be called "resin" along this document). Some types of damage may also be encountered in use.
This standard is restricted to their definitions and does not give any acceptance criteria. The word "imperfection" will be preferred to the word "defect", although the word "defect" might be usually used.
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