ASD-STAN prEN 6139 P2

Aerospace series — Cap, protective, non-metallic, for EN 6123 fitting ends

Form: prEN Registration Number: 6139 Edition: P2
Date of Publication: 31-Mar-2019 Number of pages: 10
Document Type: Domain: Mechanical
Scope: This document specifies the dimensions, tolerances and required characteristics of protective caps, non-metallic, for EN 6123 fitting ends to seal fluid ports during transportation and storage in order to prevent:
— contamination by moisture, fluids, chemicals and particles;
— spillage inside package or aircraft section;
— port and pipe end damages;
— port and pipe clogging due to plug ingestion.
Because of the cleanliness requirements, parts shall only be used once.
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Price (excl. VAT): €68.25
Normative References: EN 2424 EN-6123 ISO 2768-1 ISO 3161 ISO 9940