ASD-STAN prEN 9146 P1

Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Prevention Program — Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defence Organizations

Form: prEN Registration Number: 9146 Edition: P1
Date of Publication: 27-Apr-2017 Number of pages: 9
Document Type: Quality Standard Domain: Quality
Scope: This standard defines FOD Prevention Program requirements for organizations that design, develop, and provide aviation, space, and defence products and services; and by organizations providing post-delivery support, including the provision of maintenance, spare parts, or materials for their own products and services.
It is emphasized that the requirements specified in this standard are complementary (not alternative) to customer, and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Should there be a conflict between the requirements of this standard and applicable statutory or regulatory requirements, the latter shall take precedence.
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Normative References: EN 9100 EN-9110 EN-9120 IAQG Supply Chain Management Handbook (SCMH) ISO 9000:2015