ASD-STAN prEN 9253 P1-Corrigendum 1

Aerospace series — Surveillance of Aerospace Design Suppliers


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- The Engineering Surveillance Report Template - ref. prEN 9253-13043386

- The Supplier DOA criticality Template - ref. prEN 9253-1102123

Form: prEN Registration Number: 9253 Edition: P1-Co1
Date of Publication: 01-Nov-2018 Number of pages: 67
Document Type: Domain: Quality
Scope: This standard defines a risk-performance based methodology for the surveillance of Design Suppliers compliant with EASA Part 21.A.239 (a) (3) and 21.A.239(c), and equivalent military DOA requirements (EMAR 21). That methodology is applicable to any level of Design Supplier’s (Sub Tier n) position in the supply chain of a DOA Holder.
NOTE: For convenience in this document the Tier n (who can be DOA holder itself or one of the Tier n below) is called ‘purchaser’ when monitoring the subsequent design supplier (sub Tier n+1).
It is assumed in this standard that the purchaser since DOA holder has already an Independent System Monitoring in place and effective
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Normative References: EMAR 21 EN-9130 EU no°748/2012 Annex 1 ICAO Annex 19 ISO/IEC 2859-4 Part 21