DIN EN 2311 (2017-08)

Aerospace series – Bushes with self-lubricating liner – Technical specification; German and English version EN 2311:2017

Form: DIN-EN Registration Number: 2311 Edition: 2017
Date of Publication: 05-Nov-2018 Number of pages: 58
Document Type: Domain: TECH
Scope: This document specifies the required characteristics, inspections and tests, quality assurance and qualification, acceptance and delivery conditions for bushes, designed to be subjected under load, to slow sliding movements, rotations and small oscillations only for aerospace applications.
This standard applies to all bushes when referred to in the respective product standards or in a design documentation.
The liner is designed to be used in the temperature range of −50 °C to 163 °C. Aluminium bushes are limited to −55 °C to 121 °C.

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