DIN EN 3475-605

Aerospace series – Cables, electrical, aircraft use – Test methods – Part 605: Wet short circuit test; German and English version EN 3475605:2018

Form: DIN-EN Registration Number: 3475-605 Edition: March 2018
Date of Publication: 09-Mar-2018 Number of pages: 25
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Scope: This European Standard specifies a method for appraising the behaviour of cable insulation subjected to an electric arc initiated and maintained by a contaminating fluid. This European Standard shall be used together with EN 3475-100. The primary aim of this test is:  to produce, in a controlled fashion, continuous failure effects which are representative of those which may occur in service when a typical cable bundle is damaged and subjected to aqueous fluid contamination such that electrical arcing occurs between cables;  to examine the aptitude of the insulation to track to propagate electric arc to the electrical origin. Originally defined for 115 Vac network, this test also proposes conditions for 230 Vac network. Unless otherwise specified in product standard, only 115 Vac conditions shall be satisfied. Six (6) levels of prospective fault current have been specified for concerned cable sizes (see Clause 7). It is generally agreed that larger sizes need not be assessed since the short-circuit phenomenon becomes dominant at low line impedances. Unless otherwise specified in the technical/product standard sizes 002, 006 and 020 cable shall be assessed.
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