DIN EN 9104-002:2008-10

Aerospace series - Quality management systems - Part 002: Requirements for Oversight of Aerospace Quality Management System Certification/Registrations Programs; German and English version EN 9104-002:2008

Form: DIN-EN Registration Number: 9104-002 Edition:
Date of Publication: 01-Oct-2008 Number of pages:
Document Type: Draft Standard Domain:
Scope: These requirements are applicable to IAQG global sectors when utilizing Aerospace Industry Controlled Other Party (ICOP) schemes for the assessment and certification of supplier quality systems in accordance with the requirements contained in EN 9104. IAQG member companies have committed to perform sufficient oversight of the Aerospace accreditation/certification assessment processes in order to ensure conformance to established requirements contained in EN 9104. NOTE The IAQG OPMT oversight structure is depicted graphically in Annex A. 1.2 Purpose The purpose of this standard is to document the process for oversight of the 9100-series certification of Aerospace Quality Management Systems (AQMS) program. This process shall be implemented by participating IAQG member companies, ABs, CBs, AABs, TPABs and training providers to ensure consistent conformance with the requirements of EN 9104.
Status: Withdrawn Replaced by: DIN EN 9104-002(2010-04)
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