ASD-STAN prEN 9162 P2

Aerospace series — Aerospace Operator Self-Verification Programs

Form: prEN Registration Number: 9162 Edition: P2
Date of Publication: 01-Nov-2016 Number of pages: 9
Document Type: Quality Standard Domain: Quality
Scope: 1.1 General
This document identifies the basic elements and provides a standard for structuring operator self-verification programs within the aviation, space, and defence industry for producers of commercial and military aircraft and weapons platforms, space vehicles, and all related hardware, software, electronics, engines, and composite components.
The requirements specified in this standard are complementary (not alternative) to contractual and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Should there be a conflict between the requirements of this standard and applicable statutory or regulatory requirements, the latter shall take precedence.
1.2 Application
Operator self-verification programs are applied to improve the overall efficiency and product quality of processes considered stable and capable of fulfilling all requirements, as determined by the implementing organization. Operator self-verification programs are not stand-alone processes, but augment an existing quality management system. Its application can be made where inspection activities are currently deployed.
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Normative References: EN 9100 EN-9110 EN-ISO 9000:2005