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ASD-STAN seeks nominations for the position of ASD-STAN Director 

Nominations shall be provided by ASD-STAN Promoting, Regular or Associate members and be supported by a letter of intent from the appropriate ASD-STAN member organization and the CV of the nominee. The nomination shall be sent to the President of the Board and other Board members. It remains the responsibility of the ASD-STAN member who proposed the nominee to check with the nominee’s organization and ensure an agreement from the nominee’s employer for a secondment contract.

The deadline for nominations is the 10th of July 2019.

The original letter of nomination (with all supporting documents listed above) shall be addressed by e-mail to ASD-STAN at , the President of the Board and the GA of ASD-STAN, Mr. Giovanni DAVID () and other Board members, and by post to:

Rue Montoyer 10/5
1000 Brussels

ASD-STAN Director-Job description

Please note that the ASD-STAN Board has decided that this call for nomination should not only be limited to our members. In order to broaden the reach of the call, we would encourage you to share it to appropriate audiences, keeping in mind that the nominee will need to be presented and, thus, endorsed by an ASD-STAN member.