Our members currently are:

France: GIFAS Groupement des Industries Françaises Aéronautiques et Spatiales

Germany: DIN e.V. Deutsches Insititut für Normung

Italy: AIAD Federazione Aziende Italiane per l’Aerospazio, la Difesa e la Sicurezza

Spain: TEDAE Spanish Association of Defense, Aeronautics, Security and Space Technology Companies

Sweden: SOFF Säkerhets Et Föfsvars Företagen

United Kingdom: ADS Group UK Aerospace, Defence, Security & Space Industries

Europe: EASA European Aviation Safety Agency

ASD Europe-AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe: 

For advantages to be member of ASD-STAN see

Different membership classes are available, such as individual participation in a standards development working group.

The current membership fees for Promoting Members are 55000€/year and for Regular Members 12000€/year and are subject to change, as decided by the ASD-STAN General Assembly.

Independent expert, who wants to participate in one of the ASD-STAN working groups and its organisation is not a member of ASD-STAN as defined in article 5.2, has to contribute by yearly payments for each working group and expert as defined by the ASD-STAN Board (currently 1500€/expert/year/working group).

The ASD-STAN Statutes can be found Here for English version and Here for French version.